Vermont Street United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 23, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors




               As I drove out of the parking lot last Saturday, I looked at, and really read, the sign at the missions garden. The mission statement of the garden is shown as:  Plant, Care, Share.  I can’t believe I hadn’t really seen that before! What a wonderful statement about the purpose of our garden ministry. It perfectly describes the intention of the garden beds. Seeds are planted, people

 care for the seeds and help them grow strong and fruitful (or vegetable-ful), and then we share from the bounty of the garden with others, especially with those who need what we have to share (like food pantries).

     Perhaps this could apply to all our ministries at Vermont Street. In virtually everything we do, we plant seeds of faith and love in church members and participants, together we care for the seeds and help folks grow strong and fruitful, then folks are sent out into the community to share that faith and love with others. And if we’re doing our work of planting, caring, and sharing effectively, the community will be transformed…exactly what Jesus wants us to be doing!
     I enjoy watching the garden beds from my office window. I’m so grateful to Jim & Elaine Sours for overseeing this work, and to all the MANY volunteers who help make the gardens produce! We’ve had kids from the YMCA working out there all summer, too, and they are to be commended for doing great work! May we all be part of planting, caring, and sharing, as we work for God’s Kingdom.


 Rev. Patty Johansen
Senior Pastor 


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