Vermont Street United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Even though there is ONE New Year’s Day, it seems to me that there are multiple days/times that offer an opportunity to start afresh. Someone is sure to remind me that every day offers the opportunity to start afresh, which is true, but we all seem to need a particular day, or a seasonal time for our fresh starts.

I think that Memorial Day is one of those times – the fresh start of the summer season; down time, relaxation time, vacation time. The pace is different in the summer for many people, and I think many who continue to work every day in the summer will often find ways to wrap up the work day early, if possible.

I think Labor Day is another of those times – the fresh start of the school year; a refocusing on learning and working, nose to the grindstone and all that. The pace picks up, activities that had lagged during the summer restart, and we rejoice in the opportunity to get back to “normal”.

I’ve been ready for the fresh start of Fall, for the Wednesday Bible Discussion group to restart, for the choirs to begin again, for times away and apart to return to time at home.

 God gives us these varied times throughout the year, time to work harder, time to rest, time to start over, or to start anew. God knows that there is a need in all of us for ebbing and flowing, flowing and ebbing. May the season of Fall be a blessing to us, as we enjoy this fresh start in our church life, together.

Rev. Patty Johansen

Senior Pastor



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